Is it Difficult to Get Insurance For a Thatched Roof Property?

Many people like the idea of owning a thatched roof home but are put off buy the idea that it’ll be too difficult to get insurance at a reasonable price. It’s certainly true that insurance for thatched roof properties is generally more expensive but the fact that you’re able to get quotes very easily now means you can avoid overpaying. Below are some of the main factors that will affect the cost of thatched roof property insurance. If you’d like to find out more about why insurance costs more for thatched roof properties then click here – Where the property is located The area a property is located will always be a significant factor when it comes to the cost of insurance. Things like crime rate and how secluded the area the property is in will help insurance providers determine the risk of things like theft and vandalism. The size of the property The size of the property is another factor insurance providers will take into account. Thatched roofs can be very costly to repair/rebuild so for very large properties, you can expect to pay more for insurance since insurance providers will always consider the worst case scenario i.e. a complete rebuild being required. How safe it is When it comes to a thatched roof property, safety doesn’t just come down to how vulnerable it is to break ins but also how much risk the property is at from fire. The best way to prevent the risk of fire in a thatched roof property is by ensuring a full electrical inspection is carried out when you first purchase the property as well as scheduling regular chimney cleaning. It’s also a good idea to avoid using any candles inside the property as they pose a significant fire risk. Get Thatched Roof insurance at Continue reading »