Saving Money on Car Insurance When You Have a Criminal Conviction

If you have a criminal conviction then getting car insurance at a reasonable price can be a challenge. There are things you can do in order to lower the cost however.

Below are some of the best ways you can save money on car insurance with a conviction –

Go to a specialist provider

If you’re looking for car insurance with a criminal conviction then going to a specialist provider is certainly recommended. Some mainstream insurance providers don’t offer cover to people with convictions since they consider them too high risk.

A specialist provider will take your circumstances into account and be able to offer a policy that’s fairly priced based on the severity of your conviction.

Limit cover options

Another good way to save money on car insurance when you have a conviction is to get a basic policy. Third party only is the lowest level of cover you’ll need in order to make your car road legal. Third party insurance is considerably cheaper than a comprehensive policy so this is definitely worth considering.

Pay annually

If you can afford to pay for your policy on annual basis then you’ll be able to make a decent saving with the majority of insurance providers. If you do decide to pay annually then be sure to push for the best discount possible.

Make your vehicle secure

Making your vehicle secure is certainly a good way to lower the cost of car insurance. If your car doesn’t already have an alarm and immobiliser then you should definitely consider having them fitted. Using a steering wheel lock is another way to deter thieves.

Taking these measures as well as having somewhere safe to park your car will help to keep costs down.

Get a lot of quotes

Getting quotes from as many providers as possible is one of the best ways you can save money on car insurance with you have a criminal conviction. The prices you’re quoted can vary quite a lot from one insurance provider to the next so it’s incredibly important to shop around and select a policy that you know is good value for money.

Increase excess

Last but not least is increasing the excess on your policy. Excess is what you would have to pay if you made a claim. Increasing excess is not necessarily the best way to lower costs since you would have to pay more when making a claim.